Building a Smarter Grid

What is Smart Grid?

We are committed to insuring that our region is served by a state-of-the-art Smart Grid system that is reliable, ready for the next century and able to incorporate large-scale wind and solar, plug-in electric vehicles, and other new and emerging technologies safely and efficiently.

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Saving Energy

We offer tools that can help you manage and save energy.

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Securing Your Energy

Find out how we're securing your privacy and the security of the grid and our substations.

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Protecting the Environment

Somos líderes en el movimiento de la red eléctrica inteligente (Smart Grid). De hecho, ya estamos trabajando para crear un futuro de energía sustentable con nuestras acciones de demostración de la red eléctrica inteligente.

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Rainforest in-home display

Dispositivos de red de área residencial y empresarial

Installing a Home Area Network can help you make smarter choices in your energy use, improve efficiency and lower costs.

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