El poder de la unidad Proporciona EV bajo costo estaciones de carga.

We’re on a mission to help everyone in San Diego make the switch to electric vehicles, and that means making EVs accessible to residents in apartments and condos and employees at workplaces.  For sites located in a disadvantaged community, you may be eligible for EV chargers at no out-of-pocket cost to you as well as no-cost maintenance from SDG&E.

Sus residentes y empleados pueden ir verdes y de beneficio, también!

Besides helping promote energy conservation, having a high-quality charging station is a great perk for attracting new tenants. Plus, there’s virtually no work for you and all energy is billed directly to your tenants or employees.

Sus beneficios incluyen:

  • All maintenance and service

  •  Complete, personalized support

  • Usage is limited just for you and your tenants; charging stations not open to the general public.

  • No impact to your facility’s electric panel.

  • It’s a great way to demonstrate your commitment to clean air.

  • Sin costo alguno para el consumo de energía: se facturará a los residentes directamente.

  • Stand out from the competition with this desirable perk.

Requisitos del programa

Para calificar, usted debe:

  • Be able to dedicate 5 parking spaces if you own an apartment or condo building or 10 spaces if you are interested in workplace charging for your business.

  • Agree to a License Agreement for the charging facilities.

  • Make a one-time participation payment (if applicable).

  • Promover el uso de SVE y sus cargadores privados.

Get Started in 6 Simple Steps

  1. Join our interest list.
  2. Take a 20-minute call so we can tell you more about Power Your Drive and learn about your charging needs.
  3. enviar su solicitud.
  4. De acuerdo a nuestro acuerdo de licencia y presentar su formar.
  5. Reunirse con nosotros para una visita al lugar para que pueda finalizar la ubicación de los cargadores.
  6. Seleccionar un proveedor de EV y tomemos el cuidado del resto.

Before You Set Up Your Charging Stations

Thank you for choosing Power Your Drive. Before your residents can start charging their EVs, you’ll need to approve preliminary designs and then select a charging station vendor. It is important to understand all of your options, so make sure you ask lots of questions.

Otras Consideraciones

  • Sus estaciones de carga serán todos del mismo proveedor para que sea más fácil para usted y sus conductores. 
  • SDG & E le ayudarán a determinar qué opciones funcionan mejor para su ubicación.
  • The approved Power Your Drive charging stations are included in the program at no additional cost.  No other chargers can be substituted.
  • The charging vendors may offer additional services, like managed parking, fleet EV management, or load management. These charges are not included with the Power Your Drive program, so they may cost you extra. 

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