Seven reasons to own an electric vehicle

If you’re considering switching to cleaner, greener energy, we support EV drivers with special programs. And if you’re not, these facts might just change your mind.

  1. There’s an EV for every lifestyle
    With more than 45 models of plug-in cars, there’s one that’s right for you—and we can help you find it!

  2. Charging is convenient.
    Saltar el viaje a la gasolinera, y cargar el coche mientras estás dormido. Si se puede enchufar un aparato, que ya sabe cómo cargar un vehículo eléctrico.
  3. Some apartment-dwellers can charge, too.
    Nuestraprograma de carga EV para apartamentos y condominios le conseguirá cargada donde más lo necesita, en casa.
  4. Pay less at the plug with a special price.
    SDG&E offers a special pricing plan to help EV drivers save money. Program your EV to charge during super off-peak hours (midnight-6 a.m.) for the cheapest electricity price.
  5. Who doesn’t love cleaner air?
    With about 45 percent of our region's grid made up of renewable energy (and no coal), it makes sense for the environment - especially since full electric cars produce zero emissions.
  6. EVs got the moves!
    EV conductores obtener un alto rendimiento, una rápida aceleración y una conducción cómoda tranquila.