Servicios para constructores

Resources for builders, developers & contractors

Considering a large scale construction project within SDG&E's service area? Understand the steps you need to take to get your project approved and moving. 

Trabajar con SDG&E

Know the steps you need to take to get your project approved. Get the details in our checklist. 

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Online Service Request Form

Use our online form to tell us about your basic needs, such as gas and electric appliances or other equipment you plan to install.

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Construction Toolbox

We've assembled these resources to meet the unique needs of residential and commercial builders, developers and contractors. 

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Remodeling or Upgrading

If energy needs are increasing, make sure the neighborhood can handle the additional load. Schedule an energy check-up.

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Solar Contractor Support

Consider us your partner in ensuring a seamless integration of your customers’ renewable system with the electric grid.

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Iluminación pública

Earn rebates and incentives for upgrading existing lights with newer, energy-efficient LED or induction alternatives. 

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